Winter cake

Global changes are reason for the leak of snow in my area for last ten years. But this December we get lucky: THERE IS A SNOW OUTSIDE ;) I am not known as a winter temperatures fan, but hey, its Christmas!


(these two were for my mum, I made them of icing sugar and eatable colors)

2 eggs
80 g Sugar
100 g all-purpose  flour
2 spoons cocoa powder
small spoon baking powder
3 spoons of oil
10 spoons of cold milk

I used stand mixer to mix eggs (just yellow part) with sugar for a couple of minutes. Than added flour with cocoa powder and baking soda – this time I mixed with plastic spatula only. On the end I add mixed egg whites. That mixture is baked in 18 cm thin for about 30 minutes on 180 C.


While the cake was in oven I prepared coconut filling:

1/2 L milk
1-2 eggs
3 spoons sugar
5 spoons white flour
200 g coconut flour
2 dL double cream
vanilla sugar

Mix eggs with sugar, flour and couple spoons of milk. Add the rest of milk and cook it for about 10 minutes on medium heat or till its dense enough. It has to chill completely before you can continue. Prepare whipped cream and coconut flour and mix it in to it.


Cut it two to tree times. Each layer has to be spread with coconut cream. Left couple spoons for covering the sides. Rest of coconut flour is for decoration.


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  1. bella mia · · Reply

    lovely snowcouple!

    1. Thank you very much ;)

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