Apple strudel

Discussions about where is Apple strudel come from are never finished story. Is it Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia?

There are many variations on that recipe. Especially around the stuffing. In addition to apples and cinnamon there are infinite combinations of fruit.

I needed around 1 kg of peeled apples. If possible buy it from the local farm. The sweetness and aroma override all the spices and sugar added later. This time I was that lucky so I only added 2 spoons of sugar



200 g white all-purpose flour
4 spoons olive oil
1/2 tea-spoon salt
hot water

Dough has to be knead for at list 5 minutes. Must be resizable and flexible. Should rest in the fridge for about one hour.

1 kg apples

10 chopped dried figs

4 tbsp vanilla sugar
2 spoons sugar

Cover large working surface with thin layer of flour. On that the dough is easily spread to a very thinly. Spread apples, soft cheese, chopped figs and sugar. Roll it up and bake it for about 1/2 hour.




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