Weeknight dinners

It was a very lousy week, the first one of the year 2013. Cross fingers for ‘a bad start to a good end’. In couple words, 86 years old woman crashed in to my car (and 5 others) at the grocery store parking. I’ll have to get new one as my old one is now too damaged to be worth repairing, but won’t be the same. It was my little car, there are so many wonderful memories left with it.

That is why I decided for a simple dinner although is a weekend. It is 5 minutes work plus while is it in the oven I could check out my emails.


50 g Macaroni (in your favorite shape)
150 g frozen vegetable mix (green beans, corn, carrot, cauliflower, brocoli…)
1 cup nut milk
1 tbsp of mustard
3 tbsp cashews
4 cut walnuts
1 spoon parsley
salt and pepper

Ceramic or cast iron mini cocottes are perfect for such dish. Fill it up with macaronies and frozen vegetable. Blend cashews with mustard, walnuts, parsley and pepper. If you’d like sprinkle it with garlic powder. Bake it at 180 C for about 40 minutes.


Taste of coffee, lots of sugar, large cup of tea and my new cook book. It is so nice to have quiet evening…. Take care!



  1. Sorry to hear about your car, but your dinner looks scrumptious!

    1. Judilyn thank you a lot…

  2. Your dinner sounds and looks delicious. Bummer about your car. That happened to me once. Lady was going the wrong way and panicked :/

    1. Thank you and I am sorry for that. Mine pushed throttle instead of break :/

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