His mug has to be bigger. It usually contain tea, sometimes cappuccino. Has to display his very favorite team, musicians or computer game.  Must be funny – to provide smile on his face right early in the morning.

Her mug is usually smaller. And must be prettier. Elegant or sweet to sweeten up her already sweet morning. Most likely she’d prefer coffee rather than tea.

But both together do a perfect couple! With mix of natural herbal tea and honey this time 😉


Valentine day is not about the food or heart-shaped cookies and cakes. Its about you two. And how much you two care about each other. Show that, but not with food these time. Nor with teddy bears or oh-so-sweat candies. There are way more ‘appropriate’ ways to do that 😉


Wish you lots of the warmest and sweetest LOVE!



  1. Sweet sentiments and lovely pictures! Your love shines through! ;->

    1. Thanks Judilyn, you are too kind! And yes, sometimes I just have to be 😉

  2. Beautiful serene and peaceful photos of her mug. I like the her mug…simple and elegant. The little chair is just adorable. Those green mums are lovely by the way!

    1. Thank you Irene for that! You always write such a beautiful comments!

  3. Well said, Irena 😀 Who needs the food (although it is nice), it is all about the love 😉
    Your pictures are beautiful, the lighting and settings are perfect.

    1. Thanks 😉 Love goes through the stomach, right? 🙂

  4. I love those little green flowers:)

    1. Thanks! Funny but I never treat them as a flower as they are green 😉

  5. So romantic and lovely! I’d move back and wear pearls!

  6. candy2me · · Reply

    Wonderful idea: HIS & HERS!

  7. That photos could be a nice screensaver!

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