I am always impressed by easy-to-prepare-within-15-minutes recipes that are reach in flavour. Rustica is absolutely one of that kind.rustica000irenasdots

sun-dried tomatoes: 10 pieces + 6-8 table spoons of oil from container that they were in
8 garlic cloves, tiny sliced
1/4 kg pasta (graham spaghetti or graham penne lisce)
4 spoons roasted onion
1 spoon parsley
2 slice tofu or feta

Cook pasta in large amount of salted water till al dente. Meanwhile use large saucepan to roast sliced garlic and sun-dried tomatoes on his oil till golden and soft. Add cooked pasta, roasted onion and parsley and serve it on plates. Spread tofu over it.

1 cup pickled beet
1 cup pickled peppers

Serve both as sides, as their sweet and sour taste perfectly complete the taste of pasta.


That was a fast, low-cost but delicious and yet healthy dinner. Enjoy!


  1. Very attractive presentation! ;->

    1. Thank you Judilyn 😉

  2. Hungry for some!

    1. I am glad you liked it, thanks for stopping by!

  3. I wish we had the sunshine here that is shining through your pictures! Looking delicious.

    1. The sunshine that comes out of our hearts is stronger that the one that shines outside 😉

  4. I wish I could put my fork through that picture and grab some. Haha Looks delectable 😀

    1. He he 🙂 Please be kind to your screen 😉

  5. Yum! Pinned and totally want this for dinner!

    1. Hope you’d like it as much as we do 😉

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