The poppy-seed coffee cake


(that is my mum recipe, my dad made that cake stand, Sebastian’s sister made sweet little doily under it)

Heart is a symbol of LOVE. There are loves, big ones and little ones, those that happens incidentally and real ones… How do we know when is for real?


Formally it is spring now. Why is then still snowing outside? Doesn’t really matter, just have fun! 😉



  1. Looks gorgeous! I

    1. Thank you Mia!

  2. This sounds a bit like the poppy seed bread I ate when I was a kid, but ours didn’t have chocolate, but it will from now on, because this looks awesome!

    1. Thank you Anne! Poppy seed bread that I remember has no sugar in it and yeast instead of baking powder.

  3. Oh! My man brought me last week poppy seed from the Russian supermarket…and he’s complaining ever since that I’m not doing anything with it! It’s just sitting there. – Now, look at this, what a coincidence to have your recipe now! Something great to make!
    But first I’ll have to tell you on my blog about the cooking adventures we had this weekend…

    1. Exactly, now you have no excuse why not to use it 😀 it is simplier to prepare than pancakes… I can’t wait to read your weekend story, they are always great!

  4. gorgeous and I want to make! How much poppy seed is that? It reads 1 1/s cups on my screen. ?? Must make 🙂

    p.s. Love that your dad made the cake stand.

    1. I am sorry for that, it is 1 1/2 cups. Hope you’ll like it too.
      As I couln’t find cake stand like that, he ‘has to’ made it. Couple of them in variation of colors 😀

  5. Very very lovely bake you have there, I like it alot! =D

    1. Thank you for that, I’m glad you liked it! You do a wonderful cakes!

      1. Thanks! Glad you like our bakes!

  6. beautiful cake..i love how your photos are full of “family” touches, i just love the cake stand your dad made… lovely post..sarah

    1. Thank you Sarah, always nice to read your kind coments! All the best to you too!

  7. Beautiful! Were the poppy seeds used as it is or soaked and grinded and then used? If it wasn’t used in paste form (as an ingredient) then doesn’t it leave a grainy feel in the cake?

    1. I’m so sorry, but never heard about pasta form. In that recipe, as always, melted poppy seeds were used. It won’t leave a grany feel. Hope this helps you. Thank you for lovely words, wish you all the best!

  8. I just fell in chocolate love 😀

    1. I swear I had no idea the hear will come out at the end! 🙂

  9. This cake looks delicious! Beautiful photos, too!

    1. Trisha thank you so much for your lovely compliments! Thans for stopping by and wish you a great day!

  10. Glad to have found your site Irena. Images are lovely and I love the simplicity of this recipe 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Love your recipes&photos too!

  11. abigalandwilliam · · Reply

    Cake looks so sweet! Photos are beautiful too!

    1. Thank you for that!!!

  12. The chocolate on your cake looks so good! I love all the contributions…very special 😀

    1. Thank you Cindy for all that! Wish you a nice day!!

  13. I have been looking for a Chocolate Poppyseed Cake since forever!! I’m so glad you’ve posted up your mum’s recipe – and I love how your family all had a role in the creation of this post too, you seem like you have a beautiful family 🙂

  14. Beautiful cake and I love the cake stand! Lovely post!

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