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Red is for red apples pie

It is so nice to spend couple of hours with friends. These little chit-chat makes wonders to us. If with freshly baked apple pie and tea even better. 1 cup white flour 1 spoon corn flour 1 cup butter or margarine 1 pinch salt 1/3 cup sugar 1 cup nuts, melted 2 spoons vanilla sugar […]


Winter themed b-day cake

Well that one was for my dad’s birthday. It was a team work: my mum prepared that tasty cake: well moistened chocolate sponge, lots of berries and peaches plus whipped cream – a win-win combination that always satisfies anyone in my family 🙂 Wooden cake stand was my dad’s work. Mine was only ‘decoration‘ this time 🙂 He is maybe too old […]


I enjoy when my brother comes around for a dinner. It is so much fun! The other day I asked him what would like for a desert this time. It was Tiramisu again 🙂 Served with sweet white vine is not that bad… I loved BIG blackboards since I was little. When I’ll have mine each […]

Angry birds & Chocolate cake

I wanted to prepare Angry birds cake. I bought sugar paste, paste colors and some basic cake decorating tools. As I am complete beginner I knew that was quite a challenge 🙂 I was so thankful for all great instructions at youtube.com. I’d learn here how to catch the right colour shade, figured out the right shape and proportions… it […]

Pumpkin themed evening

It is so nice that is Friday! I had a pumpkin theme evening 🙂 Started with pumpkin soup and still warm freshly baked pumpkin bread. Continued with pumpkin empanadas, sweet white mulled wine and a good movie (classic never goes out of style). Ok I have to admit, I finished with Eat, pray love movie 🙂 Anyways, […]


We were blessed with half a meter of fluffy snow these week. It’s almost like 20 or more years ago, when winters were ‘real’ winters. With snow that last from late October till mid March. Quiche is a simple dinner, take 10 minutes to prepare (+ half an hour for baking ;)) There are so […]

Lemon & poppy seeds cake

About a year ago I received Hummingbird Bakery cookbook as a Birthday present. There is a ‘ lemon and poppy-seed cake’ recipe. As I hadn’t the ring mould I decided to use regular cake mould. While preparing the ‘filling’ I figure out that my guests won’t like it as is not creamy enough. Instead of sugar […]

Chocolate Millet Porridge

If you look for a healthy desert  low on calories Chocolate Millet Porridge is a great combination. Could be a nice weekend breakfast or light dinner for kids. 2 1/2 cup rice milk 1 cup millet/rice/grits 4 spoons cocoa powder 2-4 spoons sugar 100 g flavored dark chocolate, chopped It is also great if prepared with grits or rice, but […]

Apple cream cake

To prepare such apple cream organic apples are needed. Those with yellow, not white colour in the middle, with greasy texture and lots of natural sugars and gorgeous natural flavour. This time Granny Smiths are not that ok. up to 1 cup nut milk 5 table spoons sugar 1 cup white all-purpose flour 1/2 tea-spoon baking powder […]

Winter flowers & homemade tea

Small winter flowers are perfect for winter time. Rich in chocolate with lemon/lime icing. But before you start preparing them make sure you have same size muffin papers as your cookie cutters are 😉 Homemade herbal tea is  a good and healthy implement to them in these cold days. 1/2 cup sugar 2 cups white all-purpose […]