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French salad & bread cups

When I was a kid, there were no new year party without French salad. And Wiener schnitzel. But for last 2 decades nobody would eat such food with lots of fat. Funny but this year everyone love it again. Retro is chic. And I am a BIG fan of replicas and retro things. This is my […]


Apple strudel

Discussions about where is Apple strudel come from are never finished story. Is it Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia? There are many variations on that recipe. Especially around the stuffing. In addition to apples and cinnamon there are infinite combinations of fruit. I needed around 1 kg of peeled apples. If possible buy […]

Greetings from Slovenia

If we discus about our best traditional dishes, Prekmurje layer pie is favorite for most of us. The recipe is simple, but takes long hours to prepare it. I found original one at http://www.disi-po-prekmurju.si/en/informacija.asp?id_meta_type=50&id_informacija=301 It describe the procedure very well. Means that I’ll give you just couple short notes 😉 There are two mixtures, that we need to […]

Snowflake cookies

It it not always easy to found the perfect cookie cutter. There are so many different kind of on the market. For winter time, that means for Christmas time, I wanted huge Snowflakes. And little Teddy bears. Honey, cinnamon and orange zest are typical spices for winter time cookies. My favourite recipe: 300 g flour […]

Cinnamon rolls

As first I have to say I don’t like cinnamon. I LOVE spices and herbs but not that one! But from time to time I try something that I am usually avoiding. In is incredible how many times I was wrong 😀 So this time I tried Cinnamon rolls. Here is the recipe: 2 spoons […]

Winter cake

Global changes are reason for the leak of snow in my area for last ten years. But this December we get lucky: THERE IS A SNOW OUTSIDE 😉 Never been into cold temperatures, but hey, its Christmas! (these two were for my mum, I made them of icing sugar and eatable colors) 200 g all-purpose flour […]

Guinness beer cake

Guinness beer cake is ideal for winter time. It is fluffy, sweet and goes perfectly along with any kind of dark beer. Especially with Guinness beer of course 😉 That cake is so easy to prepare. Here is the recipe: 1/4 L dark Guinness beer 250 g margarine 80 g cocoa powder 450 g sugar 1/10 […]