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Ravioli & Spinach

I love pasta and noodles. In any shape, size or flavour. There is plenty to choose on the market. But the best one is still the one prepared at home. Spring is synonym for spinach. Mangel or baby nettles leaves, which reminds me on childhood. It is healthier as mangel as it is self grown […]


Blue&Black Italian Pasta

If you ever been to Italy than you already met with variation of colors and shapes their pasta has. A year ago S. choose blue&black one. I had no idea what to do with it although I love colorful Italian pasta ūüôā 2 large carrots, cropped¬† 3 table-spoon olive oil 3 table-spoon orange juice Bake […]

Potato soup

If it is cold and foggy¬†Saturday, warm soup is the thing No 1 to prepare. 3-4 table spoons olive oil 1 large onion, cut 2 garlic leaves 3-4 table spoons tomato sauce 1 tea-spoon flour of your choice 2-3 potatoes, cut in small squares 1 cup mixes veggies: carrot, green beans, string beans, corn, cauliflower […]

Spice roasted ribs & mash potatoes

I don’t prepare mash potato that often, but when I do I could eat it with no ‘sides’ It is tasty itself enough. 1/2 kg baby back ribs 1/2 tea-spoon smoked paprika 1 tea-spoon chilli powder 1 spoon brown sugar 1 teaspoon salt Mix all spices together. Use a kitchen brush to spread it all […]

Sour cabbage

I am more in the mood for the old school classic during winter time. Spring is way too light for heavy food, strong and dark colors.¬† 3 spoons olive oil 2 large onions, cropped¬† 1/2 cup tomato sauce 1 spoon flour by your choice 1 red pepper, cut in little squares 2 cups mixed garden […]

Orange pork/tofu & green risotto

I love when S. is preparing dinner¬†with me. Not for me or instead of me. In one way that is necessary¬†as I won’t cook meat, but he, normally, loves it.¬†Practically that means he is preparing meat for him while I am preparing sides, salad and a desert. Meanwhile we¬†chit-chat¬†about funny thing that happened to us […]


I am always impressed by easy-to-prepare-within-15-minutes recipes that are reach in flavour. Rustica¬†is absolutely one of that kind. sun-dried tomatoes: 10 pieces + 6-8 table spoons of oil from container that they were in 8 garlic cloves, tiny sliced 1/4 kg pasta (graham¬†spaghetti or graham penne lisce) 4 spoons roasted onion 1 spoon parsley 2 […]

Cheesy tortiglinis & red chicory salad

Macaroni&cheese is not known as a healthy dish as is rich in fats. But it could be prepared lighter way. Served beside large bowl of fresh chicory salad makes a healthy dinner prepared in less than 15 minutes. 200 g tortiglionis 1 cup milk 2 spoons corn flour 100-150 g light cheese pepper 1 table-spoon […]

Baked beans & cheesy bread rolls

For me it is still ‘beans’ season. Last night I prepared my favourite version of baked beans with peppers and vegetable. Freshly baked bread rolls goes great along with. Ingredients for that: onion, garlic, fresh olive oil, red peppers, carrot, tomato puree, ketchup, white beans, green beans, corn, parsley, salt and lots of hot chilli […]

Chicken pie

I totally fall in love with these little ceramic mini cocottes. They are available¬†in large variation of shapes,¬†sizes and colours.¬†Perfect for me as I can’t easily decide¬†on colour¬†or shape.¬†Therefore I am using smaller ones that holds¬†one portion each. That is reasonably handy as I am preparing dinner for vegetarian and non vegetarian. That way¬†I could […]