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As I needed sweet little treat, brownies were the perfect choice for that rainy afternoon. With coffee and fresh fruits.  As I love little ones and there is still little kid in me and as I love playful, couldn’t resist but cut them little bit different this time. 2 cups all-purpose flour 3/4 cup brown […]



It was Gregory’s a week ago, the day that birds are getting married. I hadn’t time enough to prepare Gregory’s cake. But there was time enough for light and sweet dessert. S. peeled pineapple and mango while I prepared FRENCH BREADS. Team work again 😉 These time I made way too many photos, I know 😦 10 […]

Potato soup

If it is cold and foggy Saturday, warm soup is the thing No 1 to prepare. 3-4 table spoons olive oil 1 large onion, cut 2 garlic leaves 3-4 table spoons tomato sauce 1 tea-spoon flour of your choice 2-3 potatoes, cut in small squares 1 cup mixes veggies: carrot, green beans, string beans, corn, cauliflower […]

Homemade chocolate pudding

I wanted avocado ‘chocolate’ pudding but so far I had no luck with avocados 🙂 Seems impossible for me to find one that is mature enough. That is why I decided on classic recipe. Instant version is on sale at any grocery store, doesn’t cost much as well. But its taste can’t be compare with homemade one. […]

Sour cabbage

I am more in the mood for the old school classic during winter time. Spring is way too light for heavy food, strong and dark colors.  3 spoons olive oil 2 large onions, cropped  1/2 cup tomato sauce 1 spoon flour by your choice 1 red pepper, cut in little squares 2 cups mixed garden […]

Baked beans & cheesy bread rolls

For me it is still ‘beans’ season. Last night I prepared my favourite version of baked beans with peppers and vegetable. Freshly baked bread rolls goes great along with. Ingredients for that: onion, garlic, fresh olive oil, red peppers, carrot, tomato puree, ketchup, white beans, green beans, corn, parsley, salt and lots of hot chilli […]

Chocolate Millet Porridge

If you look for a healthy desert  low on calories Chocolate Millet Porridge is a great combination. Could be a nice weekend breakfast or light dinner for kids. 2 1/2 cup rice milk 1 cup millet/rice/grits 4 spoons cocoa powder 2-4 spoons sugar 100 g flavored dark chocolate, chopped It is also great if prepared with grits or rice, but […]

Apple cream cake

To prepare such apple cream organic apples are needed. Those with yellow, not white colour in the middle, with greasy texture and lots of natural sugars and gorgeous natural flavour. This time Granny Smiths are not that ok. up to 1 cup nut milk 5 table spoons sugar 1 cup white all-purpose flour 1/2 tea-spoon baking powder […]

Winter flowers & homemade tea

Small winter flowers are perfect for winter time. Rich in chocolate with lemon/lime icing. But before you start preparing them make sure you have same size muffin papers as your cookie cutters are 😉 Homemade herbal tea is  a good and healthy implement to them in these cold days. 1/2 cup sugar 2 cups white all-purpose […]

Lunch time

Sandwich is such a simple solution for day time meal. It is simple prepared at home and you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere. Mine are often prepared of homemade bread roll with sunflower seeds, ajvar, falafel and lettuce. It is also jammy with cucumbers, any kind of cheese and mayonnaise. Corn roll with mixed seeds, tomato […]