Orange pork/tofu & green risotto

I love when S. is preparing dinner with me. Not for me or instead of me. In one way that is necessary as I won’t cook meat, but he, normally, loves it. Practically that means he is preparing meat for him while I am preparing sides, salad and a desert. Meanwhile we chit-chat about funny thing that happened to us that day. I simply adore that moments!

But first I have to find recipe that is simple enough for him to prepare 😉 For myself I had tofu these time, following the same recipe 🙂


3 table spoons olive oil
1/2 orange zest
1 spoon thyme
200 g pork steak and tofu
salt, pepper 
1 orange
1-2 table spoons sugar

Heat up olive oil to max temperature, add orange zest and thyme and cook it till light brown. Remove orange zest and thyme from the oil and bake pork in it from both sides. When done, remove meat from the pan. squeeze orange in the pan and add sugar. Cook it till caramelized. Return meat in a pan and cook it for another minute or so. Total cooking time is less than 15 minutes!

1 large onion
3 table spoons olive oil
2/3 cup basmati rice 
2 cups green veggies: green beans, green peas, brussels sprouts broccoli, zucchini 
laurel leave, salt, pepper, parsley

Slowly cook cropped onion on hot oil till golden brown. Add rice, cropped veggies, spices and 3 cups of hot tube water. Cook on medium heat for 10-15 minutes or till rice and veggies gets soft. Cooking time about 25 minutes.


We both agreed that we hadn’t such a tasty dinner for a little while. You should give it a try too!



  1. I love pork and your rice /veggies. Looks like a great combination. I too love when my hubby is in the kitchen cooking with me. He doesn’t really do much actual cooking but it is the company that is wonderful.

    1. Glad you like it too 😉 It took me a year to convince him that cooking is fun 🙂 He only prepare meat, but hey, it is a good start In the other hand, when he wants to do complete dinner, I feel like he’s taking something that is ‘mine’ 🙂 Once again, jp it is so nice to have a company around!

  2. I could never imagine orange and pork mixture could be that delicious!

    1. …or tofu… 🙂

  3. These look delicious and so professional too.

    1. Thank you very much Lara!! Have a nice day!

  4. I never tried combination of pork and oranges but it looks like I’ll have to!

    1. You should! Thanks for stopping by 😉

  5. Looks like wonderful combination. Your photography looks awesome!

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