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Strawberry Cake

It’s finally time for the first locally grown strawberries! ¬†And the first Strawberry Cake! Although the first strawberries aren’t as aromatic as they are later, these were extra sweet! Have a very nice weekend! ūüėČ


As I needed sweet little treat, brownies were the perfect choice for that rainy afternoon. With coffee and fresh fruits. ¬†As I love little ones and there is still little kid in me and as I love playful, couldn’t resist but cut them little bit different this time. 2 cups all-purpose flour 3/4 cup brown […]


Sweet Piled Cake

That recipe is very light and to be honest, simple. Basically it is made of not very moisture¬†chocolate sponge,¬†homemade vanilla pudding¬†with whipped cram and¬†red colored berries. Chocolate sponge should be dry this time – we want moisture it with lots of compote¬†and liqueur to get that light and creamy texture at the end. As contain […]

Is it still a Sacher cake?

The poppy-seed coffee cake

(that is my mum recipe, my dad made that cake stand,¬†Sebastian’s sister made sweet little¬†doily under it) Heart is a symbol of LOVE. There are loves, big ones and little ones, those that happens incidentally and real ones… How do we know when is for real? Formally it is spring now. Why is then still […]

Mediterranean feta

That recipe is so simple but so tasty on the other hand that I get hungry by just thinking of it.¬†Somehow it reminds me on mediterranean Italian¬†beaches… I love them, so many beautiful memories are left there…no matter how terrible drivers Italians are ūüėČ 160 g feta, bite size squares 5-6¬†garlic cloves 5 mini cherry […]


It was Gregory’s a week ago, the day that birds are getting married.¬†I hadn’t time enough to prepare Gregory’s cake. But there was time enough¬†for light and sweet dessert. S. peeled pineapple and mango while I prepared FRENCH BREADS. Team work again ūüėČ These time I made way too many photos, I know ūüė¶ 10 […]

Isabella’s pancakes

Who doesn’t like pancakes? OK or crepes? It seems impossible to find someone who doesn’t ūüėČ Prepared with Nutella, jam or any other way.¬†But out of all Isabella’s pancakes¬†are still my favorite – filled with fresh¬†or ricotta cheese, strawberries and vanilla. 1 cup white all-purpose flour 2 table-spoon corn flour 1 table-spoon rye flour 1 […]

Spice roasted ribs & mash potatoes

I don’t prepare mash potato that often, but when I do I could eat it with no ‘sides’ It is tasty itself enough. 1/2 kg baby back ribs 1/2 tea-spoon smoked paprika 1 tea-spoon chilli powder 1 spoon brown sugar 1 teaspoon salt Mix all spices together. Use a kitchen brush to spread it all […]


Been thinking about that cake for weeks. It was planed for May and fresh strawberries that that month brings with. But these morning I woke up with the filling that today is the perfect day for Pavlova. Do you know that filing? You just know that you must¬†do something and then¬†you ended up with the […]